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* Objective: To Promote public participation in reconciliation through the volunteerism and honoring individuals for their highest achievement in Peacebuilding as “PEACE AMBASSADOR” every year.


The following shall apply for those who wish to be admitted:


1. They must be admitted members within the Welfare Chapter


2. They must be at the Corporate status level


3. Hold appropriate peace and development or equivalent relevant qualifications in any welfare field of endeavor or those special fields of endeavor encompassed by the IPEES.


4. They must have appropriate experience in the field of peace and development and be appointed as peace ambassador or be appointed in peace related disciplines.


5. Entitled to use the designation applicable to the grade they are admitted to.


6. Eligible to apply for registration or certification as the case may be in a suitable area encompassed by the IPEES.


7. Responsible for the settlement of any dues such as club fees or any specific fees applicable to them as local or overseas members applicable to the grade and registration / certification they are authorized to make use of.


8. Entitled to a separate certificate in the usual format indication his/her grade of admission.


9. The Institute shall have its own logo and function under the same constitution and bye-laws of the IPEES. The appointed IPEES Council and Examination Committee shall be managing the affairs of this Sub-section.


10. Institute members shall be entitled to be admitted on a global basis without discrimination in any part of the world. They will be entitled to join any Club or Interest group of their choice and convenience and be eligible to share in the activities of this interest groups/club provided they are paid-up members in good standing.


11. Where applicable the Examination Committee may recommend to the Council to bestow suitable status to outstanding individuals or recommend that individuals be admitted within this Sub-section.


12. Grades of membership shall be:

Bachelor Degree or the equivalent holders



Master’s Degree or the equivalent holders



Doctorate, Professor or the equivalent holders    





13. Where and when applicable members shall be entitled to appoint their own representative to Represent them on special forums, conferences, functions or meetings. Co-opted Members in any region recognized by the IPEES will be responsible for the management and appointment of office bearers to assist in the management of the affairs of this Sub-section.




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