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   Engineering Field of  

  Managerial Administra  

  (IIE)The Internationa  

  (IIS) The Internation  

  (IIA) The Internation  

  (IIQS) The Internatio  

  (SPM) MBA and the Syn  

  (ISSA) The Internatio  

  (IIPDS) The Internati  

  (ISAc) The Internatio  

imperial college london

in this field shall be at two distinct levels, Professional and Registrant levels respectively





Professional Level

Applied Science Technologist

A Sc Tech


Scientific Design Technologist

Sc Des Tech


Consultant Irrigation Technologist

C Irrig Tech


Certified Water Technologist

C Water Tech


Professional Arbitrator

Pr Arb


Professional Information Technologist

Pr ITech


Professional Interior Designer

Pr Int Des


Town Planning Consultant





Registration Level

Registered Cost Engineer

R Cost Eng


Registered Interior Designer

R Int Des


Registered Building Engineer

R Build Eng


Registered Building Surveyor

R Build S


Registered Corrosion Engineer

R Corr Eng


Registered Diagnostic Engineer

R Diag Eng


Registered Engineering Designer

R Eng Des





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