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  Scholarship Division  



The Examination Committee shall be appointed as follows:


The Administrator as Chairman


The Registrar, and at least one Council Member


The Chairman of the Examination Sub Committee (Academic Affairs)


 One Co-opted Member Representative


At least one representative from each Syndicate representing any active Syndicates


The initial structure of the Examination Committee at time of registration shall be the Managing Director and the Council or appointed members under the direction of the Director.


The purpose of the Examination Committee is to assist the Council in the affairs of the IPEES as follows:


1. Review applications for membership within the various sub-divisions of the IPEES.


2. Review applications for certification as professionals within the IPEES.


3. Review and make recommendations to the Council about the issuing of special awards such as certificates of merit, recognition, honorary fellow membership, and any special honours applicable to further the ideals and objectives of the IPEES.


4. Review recommendations and decisions from the Examination Sub-Committee Academic affairs and refer it to the Council for confirmation.


5. Confirm any matters approved by any sub-sections or any forums established by the different Guilds, and Sub-sections with their own management structure


6. In the absence of any representatives from the Examination Sub-Committee Academic Affairs, Guilds and other active Sub-sections, the Examination Committee shall consist of at least the Administrator, Registrar and one Council Member.


7. As stipulated in article 6 above, the Examination Committee shall be incorporated, referred to and function under the authority of the Council. This functioning shall continue for as long as it is deemed possible to fill any vacancies in order to continue the affairs of the IPEES.


8. In solving matters of concern, voting shall be by a show of hand and the Administrator shall have a casting vote.


9. The affairs of the Examination Committee shall be confirmed by the Council as the highest authority in the administrative structure of the IPEES.


10. All activities shall be recorded and kept in a register for reference as the case may be.

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