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The Central Office of the IPEES will take care of all Educational and Professional Development education. The following shall apply to this subsection:


1. The Council shall appoint the Examination Sub-Committee Academic Affairs to administrate the educational affairs and to report to the Council.


2. All educational matters shall be administrated trough Central Office and shall be an independent subsection with its own financial system independently from the IPEES.


3. Where applicable, this subsection shall have its own administrative system and use its own banking facilities applicable to its global operations.


4. Any liabilities and expenses due to services rendered by lecturing staff, professors and any other shall be the responsibility of this section.


5. The Council shall appoint the Administrator as the administrative head and Principal of this subsection.


6. The Examination Sub-Committee Academic affairs shall have the power to appoint advisors, lecturing staff and any other persons if deemed necessary.


7. The Examination Sub-Committee Academic affairs shall disseminate information concerning all matters affecting distance education; to print, publishes, papers, books and other literacy materials as required for the operation of this section.


8. Where applicable, the Council will appoint suitable persons to develop courses and degree programs, which will be offered by educational institutions associated to the IPEES


9. Educational institutions selected to offer IPEES related and developed programs will be operating by an agreement with the IPEES.


10. All branches and clubs shall refer their members to these institutions and all enrolments must be through these institutions.


11. Any dues and earnings payable to the IPEES shall be paid to this section by any of the associates rendering education to members.


12. Where applicable, any dues to the IPEES will be payable by this section to the Faculty and duly described for the purpose of educational services rendered for the IPEES.


13. On the recommendation of the Sub-Committee Educational affairs, the Council will issue suitable certificates of merit for professional development courses and training completed. All enrolled students with the approved educational associates shall be studying according to the terms and conditions applicable to their enrolment.


14. This subsection will be responsible for the educational affairs such as the setting of assignments, examinations, lectures and any matter applicable to the educational needs for students enrolled through associated institution with the Society.


15. The Examination Sub-Committee Academic affairs shall make rules, apply standards and determine the methods to be used for the offering of quality education.


16. This subsection may recommend to Council that it should be affiliated through the IPEES with educational Accreditation bodies as required.


17. The Examination Sub-Committee Academic affairs may make rules as to the qualification and the appointment of lecturing staff and professors and recommend to the Council such appointment. The Council wills them recommend to the associated academic institutions, the appointment of such persons as the case may be.


18. All IPEES initiated education, training and degree programs will entitle the student (if not yet a member) to apply for membership at the grade applicable to the level of studies as applicable to the program. In all cases, these students shall be eligible for suitable registration and certification within the IPEES.


19. Where applicable, the IPEES may issue certificates of merit to a number of students who have been performing at a very satisfactory level.


20. All affiliated institutions who offer IPEES education and degree programs will be admitted to membership as either Patron or Institutional Members.


21. Where applicable, the Council may register its own college or academic institution anywhere in the world as the case may be or become a partner school or business partner of such institution as the case may be.


22. Such affiliations shall be mutually by a suitable agreement with terms and conditions as required by both parties and shall be subjected to approval by Council


23. The Council shall have the right to seek suitable premises and to enable an infrastructure as required for the purpose of an established educational college or university.


24. All the legal requirements shall be applicable and the Council shall observe these and apply them pertaining to the establishment of colleges in whatever country selected.


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