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International Professional Examination and Evaluation Syndicate Limited operates from the United Kingdom on an international basis. The main objective of IPEES is to promote the dissemination of knowledge in all branches of technology, science, administration and management engineering, architecture, design and peace. This is done by the preparation and discussion of communications, knowledge, education, the exchange of information and ideas and by other means.


The Council (Central Office Governing Body) of IPEES has established several branches or Clubs for the purpose of functioning as mentioned above. IPEES has several divisions like Membership division, Registration and Certification division and an Educational division to perform focusing its objective.



IPEES may admit any person or organisation to the appropriate grade of membership who shall be qualified and duly elected and shall have paid the fees and subscriptions for the year of admission in accordance with the bye-laws from time to time in force. IPEES shall operate as an Educational/Vocational organization as well as a Learned Society, offering both membership and certification to further the objectives and ideals. Further,  IPEES is a UK entity registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (number - UKPRN 10064384) 




International Professional Examination and Evaluation Syndicate Limited (IPEES) is registered with the UK Register of Companies House. Our Registered office is at Highdown House, 11 Highdown Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England, CV31 1XT. IPEES also has an Asian regional office.


If there is no IPEES Approved Learning Centre near you, please contact us.  We are always looking for new partner colleges and institutions so that we can offer learning mode choices to our learners

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